Thursday, January 8, 2009

Work it out- 1- 2-3-4

So today and tomorrow are the last days to sign up for the TruFitness Challenge. I know it's not specifically related to Relief Society, but it TOTALLY relates to many sisters in the Relief Society so I figured it was okay to post. I signed up yesterday and these are the details:

-You DO NOT have to be a TruFitness Member (Check to see if you can freeze your other gym meberships if you have one)
-It lasts from Saturday, Jan 10-March 9
-It costs $28 for that entire time
-You have full access to gym, personal trainers, group classes, and childcare
-To finish the Challenge, you must complete 24 group classes (works out to be 3 a week)
-You can buy an unlimited monthly childcare pass:
3+ kids: $30
2 kids: $25
1 kid: $20
-This Saturday, Jan. 10 from 8am-2 pm is when they take measurements and weights so you can see your progress at the end
-If and when you finish the challenge, you get a couple of perks (forgot what they are)
-You can write Shelby Armstrong as the person who referred you

Good Luck and hopefully I'll see you there!