Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years Resolution. . . again?!

Raise your hand if you:

~Need to shed a pound or two (or forty like me)
~Want to be a little healthier (like me, too. I hate feeling out of breath when it's just a flight of stairs!)

Well, you're in luck! Shelby Armstrong told me about a really great program that TruFitness Gym is offering. You DON'T have to be a member of the gym to do it! In a nutshell- you register, they take your beginning measurements (aahhh!), do a certain amount of classes in 8 weeks, and see the finished product- a better you! Go to their webpage for details.

If you want any more specifics, call Shelby.

Find a friend in the ward-a newer sister, the girls you V.T., someone less active and go to the classes together.

I'm totally going to do it. Anyone wanna do it with me?

(Don't worry about feeling silly- I guarantee I'll be the most uncoordinated & out of breath person there).