Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The story of the Ward Adult Christmas Party

Once upon a time there was an Enrichment Counselor. She learned an important lesson in that you need to book the gym/cultural hall for big events one year ahead of time. So last December she booked the gym/cultural hall for the entire upcoming year. She decided that Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009 would be the night for our Relief Society Enrichment Christmas Dinner (since all other big enrichment activities are on Thursdays).

Then one day, the Bishopric came up with an outstanding idea (they are inspired, you know). In not exactly these words, they said, "Let's have an all adult Christmas Dinner on that same night-instead of just Enrichment. That would be a great time to invite non members and inactives and build a little ward unity during the Christmas season" (or something like that).

There were some that asked the question, "But it's a school night. That will be hard to be out in the evening with everything the dear children must do" (practices, homework, showers, bedtimes) and besides, I want to be home in my comfy clothes sipping hot chocolate."

"Yes, that is true," one wise leader said. "There will always be things that come up. But this will be such a nice evening that no one should want to miss it. And besides- they'll do their best to keep things nice and quick."

That Enrichment Counselor said, "A Ward Adult Christmas dinner is a great idea-I'll enlist the help of my Enrichment leader, the HP group leader and the EQ presidency" (and their remaining budgets). And so they started their Ward Adult Christmas Dinner plans. What a wonderful event they have prepared...a fine evening of dinner and entertainment.

"Wisemen Seek Him Still"
Ward Adult Christmas Dinner
Thursday, Dec. 3
(Babysitting provided for those who need it)