Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do you need to stock up on Food Storage?

Here's a great opportunity for everyone in the ward. Timi W. so wonderfully has scheduled a time to go to the Cannery.
It is Tues. Nov. 10 from 11-1.
Please call Timi W. if you want to go. This would be a great time to go with the ladies you VT (hint, hint).
I, Jessie R., am totally volunteering to watch anyone's kids if you want to go and need a sitter. This is a big deal and I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to go. Call me, too, so I know who to plan for.

This is from Timi's email:
"If any sisters are interested, the cannery will have someone there to help instruct in the use of the canning equipment and will be able to ring up our purchases. You may not bring food from home to can, but may purchase the food, cans, dry pack, seals, etc. at the cannery by check (made out to Sacramento Cannery) or cash. The address is: 8401 24th Ave, Sacramento 95826 and the phone number is 916-381-5150. Please call me to indicate you plan on attending, as I have made an arrangement with the cannery for 8 people maximum and they have several groups scheduled for the same day. Thanks!"