Sunday, October 18, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity

Hello sisters:
Timi W. found a volunteer opportunity and wanted to pass along the information. I've cut and pasted the information from an email recieved. But remember, it's the same night as our Ward Trunk-or-Treat so be careful about double booking your night!

"Hello! I am writing on behalf of Kaseberg school's PTC. We are holding our annual Fall Family Festival on Oct. 23rd from 5-8 p.m. and are in dire need of volunteers! Every year we try to recruit at least 100 volunteers to operate carnival-style game booths, serve food, and help with set-up and take-down. We do this to allow our staff and parents to enjoy the festival, instead of asking them to help operate.This year we are not getting very many responses. Please let me know if any youth, or adults, are interested in helping us with this event. Free pizza and sodas for volunteers! Feel free to pass along my contact info, seen below. Anyone interested in encouraged to RSVP!
Thanks for your time.--
Mattie Steen916-865-7445"