Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Sisters!

Please put this on your calendar:

ALL Sisters and Young Women are invited to our
"Dressed In White" Enrichment Activity
Thursday, September 17
Cultural Hall

(Light Refreshments will be served)
Friends are welcome

As part of the evening we will be showing a wonderful Temple Picture Montage. We need YOUR help with this. We need a picture of you in front of a Temple. It doesn't matter what kind of picture of you (you while on your mission in front of a Temple, your family in front of a Temple, a wedding picture in front of a Temple, etc.). Please send it to roseville9rs@hotmail.com or send it to jessierice1@hotmail.com or hand it to Jessie Rice at church ASAP. Otherwise you'll be getting several knocks on your door...and several phone calls... ...:)

Also, please look for sign up sheets that will be passed around on Sunday in regards to this Enrichment. There is 1 set of sign ups of Primary and Nursery, 1 set for the Young Women, and 1 set for the Relief Society. Young Women are welcome to sign up as well. More detailed information is on the sign ups. We would like:
1) people to bring finger foods/appetizers
2) to borrow any kind of greenery you have (trees, ivy, plants...alive or silk)
3) people to bring and set up Temple Displays

We are VERY excited about this Enrichment. It will be such a nice evening and we hope to see ALL of you there.

P.S. Childcare will be available