Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Emergency Preparedness

“The Lord has warned us of famines, but the righteous will have listened to the prophet and stored at least a years supply of survival food.”
Ezra Taft Benson

Spiritual Goal:
Have family prayer at least once a day. Twice is better.

Priesthood/Provident Living Goal:
Learn a new skill or read a book pertaining to your career.

Storage Goal:
*30 pounds sugar or honey per person
*4 pounds salt per person
*23 lb. Fat—oil qu. or shortening per person
*aluminum foil, plastic wrap, storage bags, etc.
*At least 5 gallons water per person— recommended is 14 gallons a person for 2 weeks

72-Hour Kit:
*1 lb. Dried fruit or trail mix per person (can use leather)
*1 pkg. Soda crackers per person (4 pkg. Per box)
*2 liters tomato or orange juice per person
(NOTE: Rotated every 6 months—see Sept.)

Also make a goal to always have the fuel tanks on all vehicles 1/2 full.