Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emergency Preparedness Goals

As a Relief Society Presidency, we feel it is really important for the sisters to work on their emergency prepardness plans and supplies. We received from the Stake Relief Society Presidency a booklet containing 1 year's worth of goals. By the end of December 2009 you will have 1 years food storage. The information is broken down month to month. Some goals are pretty lofty and we suggest you do just whatever you can for each month. As long as you're working towards a goal you're doing the right thing!

We have made copies for each sister in the ward and will be handing them out starting Thursday night (72 hr kit activity). We'll also be posting it each month on this blog. We're a little late on the January- so sorry!

“Let every head of household see to it that he has on
hand enough food and clothing and, where possible,
fuel also for at least a year ahead…”

J. Reuben Clark 1937
Spiritual Goal: Hold Family Home Evening every Monday
for the month.
Priesthood/Provident Living Goal: Review your retirement
goals. Are you putting enough aside to be able
to support yourselves and to do the things you want to
do when you retire?
Storage Goal:
*50 cans soup, stew, or chili per person
*1 gallon bleach per person
*hand can opener
*matches, candles, batteries
* 5 gallons of water per person
72-Hour Kit:
*Gather a change of clothing including underwear
and shoes for each family member—include
warm coats and boots or have them immediately accessible.
*ax, shovel and bucket
*utility knife
*$20 cash
*$5 in change