Monday, November 24, 2008

Food storage resources

Hey! We had an excellent enrichment night last week. We had 20 people and we are so happy about it. Sister Smilanick, Sheri Weist, and Sondra Brown gave a lot of information about how to start a food storage, how to add upon it, how to grind wheat for flour, where to store your food storage and a lot of other very useful information. A few websites were brought up and I thought I'd share those. They are:
Sister Linda Molten wanted everyone to know that she will have the canner at her home starting December 29. For those of you (especially me) who don't know what that is, it means you can go buy bulk sugar, rice, wheat-anything dry basically- at the grocery stoare and the #10 cans and take them to her house and they'll seal it for you. If you can't get your hands on #10 cans, Linda said she'd buy some for you at the cannery and you can reimburse her.
Also, Kelly Cooper and Lori deBernardi are starting a cannery group and of course all are invited. They'd like to take carpooling trips to the cannery and other awesome things to get food storage going.
AND fyi, Heather Pratt is the food storage specialist in our ward so if you have any questions you can ask her and she'll help find the information for you.
I was so surprised at how many people know about food storage in our ward. There are so many resources out there at our fingertips. I've sure caught the food storage fire and I'm going start on it a little better than before. I challenge you . . .