Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't forget missionaries and students

The following is from an email that I (Jessie) received today:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Relief Society Presidencies,

URGENT!! Please read the following note. President Olsen received this today with a specific request that it be acted upon immediately by the Relief Societies.

“It would be a tragedy if Prop 8 were lost by 2,000 votes because not all our absentees voted. There are about 3,500 missionaries from California serving elsewhere that could vote if they made the effort. But they must act NOW. Please make one last effort to ensure that all those absent from your homes vote by mail immediately. . . Thanks to all you mothers for watching your flock.”

Sincerely your Brethren,
Elder John C. Dalton
Robert Z. Packer
R. Randall Huff

This would include students and others that may not be currently living in their homes.

Please contact those in your ward TODAY who have individuals who fall into this category. Make sure they are reminding their missionaries, students, etc. to mail their absentee ballot in NOW. (Just a few of you making a quick phone call will make a big difference.)

Thank you so much! We are almost to the finish line!


Sister Monica Hoag
1st Counselor, Roseville Stake Relief Society Presidency