Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Church in the News

This is something that's not Relief Society related, but I think is noteworthy. A few weeks ago I came across a story about an LDS couple (Stephanie and Christian) who were in a terrible private plane crash in Arizona (about a month ago). The husband and wife are still in critcal condition and the pilot was killed. This LDS mom is a popular blogger about the ups and downs of motherhood and has quite a following. They have 4 young children who are now in the care of the mom's siblings. Just the other day their story was featured on the Today show and the siblings were interviewed by Matt Lauer. The siblings represented the gospel in such a nice way I just had to share it.

Here is a link to the sister's blog that explains it all:

Here is a link to Stephanie's blog:

And here is the link to the interview on the Today show:

Stephanie and Christian Nielsen