Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I thought this might be a way to explain in detail all the crafts that we'll be doing on Sept. 20. The table with the samples and sign ups will be out this Sunday, but hopefully this post will answer any questions you might have and help you decide on which crafts you'd like to do. First, let me get the housekeeping items out of the way. . .

1) The sign up sheets and sample table will be under the coat rack across from the library for only 3 Sundays- August 24, August 31, September 7

2) Money and orders are due Wednesday, September 10. Money will need to be given to Jessie Rice

3) Super Saturday is September 20 from 9am-12noon

Okay, let's get to the good stuff.

Craft #1- Quiet Book
Price- $4.50 + $3.50 each additional set
Time- 30 minutes

This book is made of MormonAd postcards glued to cardstock, put in page protectors, and placed in a folder. Each "starter set" includes any 8 MormonAd postcards you choose, 8 pieces of cardstock you choose, 4 page protectors, and 1 folder. The price for the "starter set" is $4.50. You may then purchase and put together "additional sets" for $3.50. It's the same thing only without another folder. There are 56 different styles of MormonAd postcards- so plenty to choose from

Craft #2- The Living Christ Picture Matting
Price- $12 + your own frame
Time- 1 hour

To do this craft, you'll get a package of Greg Olsen Christ pictures and a picture matting. There is a certain way you cut and stick on the pictures to the matting. The $12 price includes the pictures, the matting, and the Living Christ sheet. You will be responsible for providing your own picture frame!

Craft #3- Christmas Photo Album
Price- $5
Time- 45 minutes

This craft is made from brown paper bags that are sewn together (that will be done for you). You'll apply Christmas scrapbook paper, ribbons, buttons, etc. to do the decorating. The paper and scrapbook supplies will be almost identical to the sample already done. You can then take it home and glue your own family Christmas pictures in it. The price will be $5

Craft #4- Blank Stationary Cards
Price- $5
Time- 45 minutes

You will be making 7 blank "all occassion" cards. You'll get a kit with everything you need all cut out for you. You'll just need to copy the samples and glue them on! The price will be $5

Craft #5- Christmas Stocking Hanger
Price- $11 + $1 for every 3 hooks
Time- 1 1/2 hours + 1 hour drying time

This is good to have if you don't have a mantle to hang stockings on or don't want to nail your stockings into the mantle you do have. It will say "I Believe in Santa." You have your choice of vinyl lettering colors and paint colors. They are the same choices. They are: white, cream, red, dark green, black, burgundy. For the sign up sheet, you'll need to notify us of vinyl color, paint color, AND how many hooks you'll need. The price includes board, paint, and vinyl. It will be $11. Add $1 for every 3 hooks you'll need.

Craft #6- BOO! Vinyl Frame
Price- $11
Time- 45 minutes + 1 hour drying time

For this you'll paint a wooden picture frame, apply the word "BOO!" to the glass, glue the glass to the frame and add decorative ribbon for hanging. The colors for vinyl and paint are: black, orange, and white. There will be miscellaneous Halloween ribbon to choose from. Feel free to bring your own ribbon if you have something specific in mind. The price is $11

Craft #7- Give Thanks Vinyl Frame
Cost- $11
Time- 45 minutes + 1 hour drying time

It's the same thing as the BOO! frame only with different vinyl and paint colors, and different ribbon. It will say "Give Thanks." The colors for vinyl and paint are: white, black, sandy beige, gold, dark brown, cream, and dark green. Again, feel free to bring your own ribbon if you want. The price is $11

Craft #8- Prince of Peace Vinyl Frame
Cost- $11
Time- 45 minutes + 1 hour drying time

Okay, same thing as crafts #6 & #7. This one will say "Prince of Peace. The colors for vinyl and paint are: white, black, gold, burgundy, cream, and dark green. Again, again, there will be ribbon provided but bring your own if you'd like. The price, again, is $11

A few more notes. . .If you'll be doing any of the vinyl frames or stocking hanger please try to get there early so you have time to paint the wood and let it dry before Super Saturday is over! Also, the times given are just a general idea. It surely could take you a little longer or shorter depending on you. Keep in mind that these crafts are great for Christmas gifts for extended family and neighbors. This could also be a good missionary experience if you bring an inactive or non member to Super Saturday. Of course they are invited! You could also make them a craft and mention that you made it at church activity and that your church believes in eternal families :) AND, there will be a humanitary project table if you don't want to sign up for a specific craft but would like to help with some service.

If you have any questions, let me know!!!!!

I hope all of you are there!