Friday, May 30, 2008

For the love of Chocolate

Well, we had a WONDERFUL activity last night. So sorry to those of you who couldn't come- you missed out on an amazing activity and thank you to those who did come. The theme was called, "Sweet is the Work" and the topic was about Visiting Teaching (and chocolate). Shelley Gwilliam started the meeting out by telling us that a box of chocolates is really good, but we don't really know what each piece of chocolate is. We can guess, but we can't really enjoy the chocolate until we get right down into it. She compared Visiting Teaching to chocolates and how you have to get right into the work to really know your sisters. And just like each piece of chocolate is different, so is every sister and how do we know what each one is like if we don't try it. We may really like the piece of chocolate (or sister we teach).

We then watch a FUNNY video about the silly ways we visit teach- like a phone call at 11:59pm the last night of the month, the "Family Affair" skit where the 2 visiting teachers bring all their kids and it's total chaos, and so many more. Then there was a beautiful musical number by Lisa Blaser, Erica Roskelley, Susan Biery, Michelle Heiler, Christine Cleveland, and me (Jessie). Who knew Erica, Susan, and Michelle could sing!!!!!! Awesome.

THEN, we had 4 very inspirational- slightly magical- personal stories about Visiting Teaching by Barbara Aldridge, Kelly Trythall, Sharon White, and Sheri Weist. There was hardly a dry eye.

I think all of us walked out of that room refreshed, happy, with lighter loads to carry, and much more sensitive to what Heavenly Father NEEDS us to do. Then of course we dug right into the CHOCOLATE. Let's see if I can name everything. . .

Hershey Bar Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Marshmallow Brownies

Carmel Brownies
Mini Pastries

Dark and White Chocolate Fondue with dippers of


Rice Crispies

Pound Cake




Whew! Okay, some of us also walked out of that room a pound or two heavier!!!!! Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make stuff, bring stuff, speak, sing, clean up, set up, and anything else you may have done to help. The presidency really appreciates you!